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Program for loyal customers

General terms of the program

Purpose of the program

The Bonus Points program at aims to support loyal customers by getting a discount on the cost of each subsequent purchase at the e-shop.

How to participate in the program
Every newly registered user in the online store automatically becomes eligible to participate in the program.
Upon successful registration, the user gets 20 (twenty) bonus points.
Any user who writes a valid opinion about a product from the catalog gets 20 (twenty) bonus points. An opinion approved by an administrator is valid and does not violate the terms and rules for posting comments or comments.
There are no valid posts and posts that:
    • They are not within the scope and scope of the Supplier's e-shop.
    • Contain content contrary to the law and the moral norms;
    • Incite to discrimination and hatred;
    • Infringes Copyright and Trademarks;
    • Contain multiple spelling mistakes;
    • Containing photos or graphics aimed at advertising on other sites;
    • Contains information that is a trade, business or another secret;
    • They are not written in Cyrillic.
The Provider will remove all texts that violate these Terms and Conditions.

Calculation of points
Each order carries you 100% (one hundred percent) of the value of the products in it in the form of bonus points with no maximum limit in the basket. For example, for a 200 leva order, you get 200 bonus points.
Each bonus point is equivalent to 0.05  leva discount on the next order from the online store.
For example, if you own 200 points so far, you will benefit from a 10 leva discount on the amount of the next order.
Exchange points of the program
In order to apply buy-out points, you must have at least 200 (two hundred) bonus points.
For each order, you have the option to enter a bonus amount on the shopping cart page before clicking on the "Continue to Order" button. You can enter any accumulated points or part of them with an accuracy of 1 point.
It is not possible to get a bonus of more than 80% of the amount in the cart.
It is not possible to enter more points than you have at the time of the order.
It is not possible to apply bonus points in combination with promotional discount codes.
Bonus points can not be applied to the value of the delivery.
Bonus point discounts are valid only for the value of the ordered products.

Validity of program points
Accumulated points have unlimited validity. If for any reason, a user account is terminated or deleted, the accumulated bonus points are currently invalid.
Current customers
Each customer can check how many bonus points they have so far by entering a username and password in their Bonus Points section account.

The Provider reserves the right to make changes to the Bonus Points Terms and Conditions without limitation as they are valid from the time of their publication on the Provider's website.