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Cristal Shine 2 m fast charging data cable 2.4A USB A/USB C, black

Is your current device charging and file transfer cable not meeting your expectations? Is it poor quality, bends and tangles dangerously? If so, replace it with a cable made by Baseus. You'll notice a big difference. Solid workmanship, high-quality materials, great parameters and a number of security features - these are just a few of its advantages.


Brand: Baseus

Type: Charging and data cable

Material: zinc and fabric braid

Current intensity: 2.4A

Data transmission speed: 480 Mbps

USB port

Изход USB C

Cable length: 2m

Set contains:

1 x Charging and data cable

The most important features:

Solid workmanship

Fabric braided around the cord

Reinforced plugs

Solid build quality

The biggest problem with cables included in sets with equipment is their low quality. They often get tangled, torn, or even break the cable at the plug. In addition, standard cables are visually unattractive and do not always offer good parameters. It is completely different from the Baseus cable, in this case, you get a solid cable - it is wrapped with the material. It protects the cable against tangling and damage or breakage.

Fast charging and data transmission

With the Baseus cable, you will no longer have to wait for your equipment to charge. If your device supports fast charging, you can charge it with a cable in just a few minutes. This is extremely important when you are in a hurry or have limited access to an energy source. The data transmission itself is also crucial, as it allows you to transfer files in a short time.

Protected plugs

The cable plugs deserve attention. They have been additionally reinforced, so you can be sure that the cable will not break or break at this point.


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