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Zigbee /Bluetooth WiFi gateway

A multifunctional hub that connects various smart products supporting ZigBee and Bluetooth, which at the same time acts as a control center for smart home management. With this smart hub, you can connect devices supporting different communication protocols and make them interact with each other. Thus, you can easily and quickly build your smart home with the most suitable modules and devices for you.

The SMILLE multifunction hub is compatible with the popular Smart Life and Tuya apps, through which you can control all the "smart" devices in your home.

With its sleek and minimalist design, it fits into any interior. Quick and easy setup: no professional technical knowledge is required to configure and add it to the local network. Plug the SMILE BRIDGE into an electrical outlet and connect it to your home Wi-Fi router in your mobile phone's app - then it's ready to use 

Technical data
Power supply: 5VDC/1A
WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Indicators: Red - WiFi Blue - Bluetooth
Frequency: 2,4 GHz
Communication: Bluetooth 4.2 Zegbee 3.0
Dimensions: 60.5 mm x 60.5 mm x 15 mm
Weigh: 0.034 kg

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