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Wireless Charger VoltBeam Mini 2,5W for Apple Watch 1-7 with USB-A and USB-C Port white

Charge your Apple Watch (Series 1-7) anytime, anywhere. No matter which USB port you use, you can connect your Apple Watch to your laptop, power bank and more. The perfect charger for on the go.


  • Easy: Just plug the charger into the USB-C or USB-A charging port of any powerbank, laptop, PC or even car charging port and recharge your iWatch wherever you want. You don't need an extra cable.

  • Attraction: Just hold the back of your watch near the charging surface. Thanks to the built-in magnets, it automatically docks and gets pulled into an optimal position. The inductive charging process starts immediately as soon as contact is made.

  • Light as a feather: The charger weighs just 19 g and is therefore not only ideal for home, but also for traveling.

  • Practical: Attach the charger to your keychain, for example. So you always have it with you.

  • Protection: The charger fits in any pocket. The rounded caps protect its connectors from dirt, dust and lint and protect the material of your clothes.

  • Safety: Patented charging technology effectively prevents overvoltage or overheating of your Apple Watch during charging.

Technical data 4Power
Input USB-A:DC5V/1A, USB-C:DC5V/1A
Output 2.5W
Colour white ,silver
Dimensions 7x3,3x1cm
Weight 19g

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