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Tuya/HomeKit, Zigbee hub, up to 100 Zigbee devices, Siri voice commands

SMILE_HK_HUB is a product that gives you the choice and freedom to choose from a host of affordable Tuya/Smart Life compatible products to build your smart home.

This product is officially certified to work with HomeKit and uses Zigbee 3.0 to communicate with connected devices. The built-in Ethernet port allows you to connect the SMILE_HK_HUB to your local network.

SMILE_HK_HUB is compatible with any device certified to work with Tuya/Smart Life. All devices connected to the SMILE_HK_HUB will work and connect to HomeKit as long as they are in a supported category. It is your choice which attachment you will use.

Key benefits:

- SMILE_HK_HUB controls any Tuya/ Smart Life certified device that supports Zigbee;

- The hub can control up to 100 Zigbee devices;

- Control your Zigbee devices, anytime, anywhere with the Tuya/Smart Life app and Hiomekit;

- Voice control of your Zigbee devices with Siri, Google or Alexa.

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