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SMILE Zeegbee thermostatic radiator valve

The SMILE intelligent Zigbee thermostatic valve replaces the existing valve on your radiator and allows you to build your individual heating system where each radiator can be controlled separately from the others using an app on your phone or tablet.

SMILE TRV's are an excellent addition to any heating system and can be installed in minutes with no professional skills required. They allow you to have wireless remote control over radiators and pounds in one or more rooms. You can individually program each radiator valve with a specific temperature and run time. This is all done quickly and easily via your mobile phone or tablet, or with voice commands to Alexa or Google Assistant. The Smart Life (Tuya) mobile app is free and fully compatible for Android and iOS operating systems.

To connect the SMILE Zigbee scrolls to your smart house, you need to first connect them to the ZB_BLE_BRIDGE, which connects to your local wireless network.

The thermostatic valves use the Zigbee communication protocol, which makes it possible that even in the absence of WiFi or if the signal is not good enough in some rooms, they can continue to function smoothly.

Combined with other smart devices you can create different scenes and a true smart home that works on its own without the need for your intervention.


  • Compatible with over 90% of radiators;

  • Kits include all necessary accessories and adapters (RA, RAV and RAVL) for installation;

  • Modern and elegant design;

  • Easy and quick installation;

  • Powered by 4 pcs. AA batteries;

  • They work no matter the installation direction;

  • LED indication; with clear to understand symbols;

  • Possibility of temperature adjustment in 0.50C;

  • Open window detection function-detects sudden drop in room temperature and rise in humidity and automatically reduces radiator temperature;

  • Operation according to pre-set customized schedules and modes;

  • Using location data from your phone, SMILE TRVs detect that no one is home and can reduce the preset temperature to save energy;

  • Vacation Mode;

  • Quick Warm Up Mode;

  • Grouping option;

  • Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT compatible.

Technical data
Power supply: 2хАА 1.5V bateries
Indicators: Temperature -, signal strength, fast warm-up mode, vacation mode, time, manual setting, open/close, + temperature, battery charge, window open, weekly schedule, lock, room temperature
Frequency: 2,4 GHz
Communication: Zegbee 3.0
Dimensions: 53 х 89.5 mm
Weigh: 0.085 kg

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