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SMILE RF GD Wireless Gas Leakage Detector

Smile RF GD is a wireless gas leak detector that responds to Natural gas, LPG and Town gas. Smile RF GD will not respond if there is any other type of gas present. It will protect and alert you to gas in a secure room in a timely manner to take the necessary steps.


  • Plug & Play extremely easy installation;

  • Two LEDs with different colors indicating the status of the detector;

  • Connects directly to an electrical outlet;

  • Intelligent sensor with high stability and reliability;

  • Automatically restores to normal operation after an alarm;

  • Recommended distance between sensor and Smile AlarmStart ≤80 in open spaces;

  • Can be used as standalone detector.

Technical data
Power supply: 100-240V 50HZ
Sound Pressure Level: 80dB/1m
Working frequency: 433MHz
Current consumption: 100mA
Detection distance: Transmit distance:≤100m(Open area)
Response time: <20 seconds
Dimensions: 110x69x38mm
Weigh: 0.350 kg
Operating temperature: -20~+55°С
Others: Gas type: Natural gas; Alarm density: 0,1-0,3%; LPG-0,1-0,2%; Town gas - 0,1-0,5%;

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