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SMILE GARAGE WiFI module with magnetic contact for garage doors

Smile Garage is an affordable Wi-Fi smart switch that gives you the ability to remotely control, automate and secure your garage door. Whenever you open or close the garage, you will always receive a message and if any unauthorized person tries to open the garage, you can take appropriate action. This is a module that can be connected to a wide range of garage doors. After connecting the Smile Garage to your home WiFi router and as long as your mobile phone has Internet you can control the garage remotely through the mobile app and receive instant door status notifications.


  • Remotely open and close the garage door without searching remote control in your bag.  Open with voice command or via mobile phone;

  • Receive immediate Smile Garage status messages;

  • Setting the opening or closing time;

  • Set timers for programming / counting / on / off cycles at specified times;

  • Sharing - Manage your smart home with your family;

  • Scenarios - Turn on / off one-touch devices;

  • Wide range of garage door automation models compatible with;

  • Smart scenarios - the module is activated by the occurrence of different circumstances - the temperature, humidity, alarm reached, etc.;

  • Free application with many options for both automation and home security;

  • You can manage it with voice commands, through Alexa, Google Home, Siri or create IFTTT scripts;

  • In accordance with the following standards: CE / RoHS / FCC

Technical data
Power supply: 90-250VAC
Max. current: 16A
Max. power: 3000W
Gang: 1
WiFi: 802.11 b/n/g, 2.4Ghz
Security: WPA/WAPA2
Compatibility: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Siri
Dimensions: 87*40*23mm
Weigh: 0,360 кг
Operating temperature: -20~+40C°

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