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Smart heating

Control over the heating is also a fact. 4controlshop offers a wide selection of products that will help you establish control over radiators and air conditioners and also devices that measure the temperature in the room. Smart heating devices offer a number of benefits such as:

Manage and control all air conditioning functions remotely;

Providing real-time information on the electricity used;

Full control of the device using a mobile app;

Compatibility with most radiators and all types of air conditioners;

Easy and quick installation;

Modern and elegant design.

We guarantee the quality of the products we offer and are convinced of their potential to improve lifestyle. If you need help choosing the right unit for your needs, count on our team to provide you with the information you need. Trust us - we deliver fast to anywhere in the world. We are waiting for you!

The SMILE intelligent Zigbee thermostatic valve replaces the existing valve on your radiator and allows you to build your individual heating system where each radiator can be controlled separately from the others using an app on your phone or tablet. SMILE TRV's are an excellent addition to an..
88.00 лв.
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Smile AIR is a WiFi socket type "Shuko", with an operating voltage of 90-250 VAC and a maximum power of 4000W, which allows you to control the air conditioner connected in it and receive statistical information about power consumption. With Smile AIR you can quickly and easily control the a..
58.00 лв.
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SMILE RF TC Wireless Remote Temperature Controller Sensor SMILE RF TC Wireless Remote Temperature Controller Sensor
-12 %
Smilie RF TC is a multi functional thermometer. It can be used independently for temperature measurement or connected to the Smile AlalrmStart for temperature control. It can be used in a number of areas, both for temperature control in your home and for temperature control of greenhouses, ro..
39.72 лв. 45.24 лв.
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